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Employee Rights Lawyer is an Orlando, FL, lawyer who can answer your legal questions and concerns. Attorney Leach provides local representation so that we're easily available to address your needs.


Although your case or legal questions may be personal in nature, attempting to tackle them alone may cause complications down the road. In contrast, Attorney Leach provides experienced, aggressive representation that is personal in nature. With over 15 years of litigation experience, Attorney Leach has represented thousands of workers in their time of need. Our areas of practice include:

  • Unpaid Overtime/Minimum Wage
  • Tip Violations
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Discrimination (Race, Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy, Religion, Gender, etch)
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Retaliation
  • Last Paycheck Disputes Commission Disputes

Protections for Employees Filing Labor Lawsuits Against their Employers

An employee that is not aware of the law might be worried about the consequences of filing a suit against their employer. Laws and regulations will protect you as an employee and keep your rights intact.

Common Violations:

Breaks and Meal Period Requirements

Understanding how much time you are entitled to on your meal break is important since many employers take advantage of employees not knowing their rights.

Overtime Violations

Overtime laws could be easily violated by your employer and you might not know about it. Knowing your employee qualification can help, as this is a crucial factor in determining if your rights are being violated.

Uniform Deductions from Your Paycheck

Have you ever discovered a deduction from your paycheck for uniforms your employer insists are your responsibility? Employers may have taken money that you earned and is rightfully yours. In some situations, employers are deducting uniform costs from paychecks even though it is against the law.

Other Violations

Exempt vs. Nonexempt Employees

Employers are responsible for properly defining exempt versus nonexempt workers. Some employers are using the wrong status for paying employees, depriving workers of overtime pay or the authority associated with an exempt position.

Minimum Wage Laws

Minimum wage laws protect employees from being unfairly compensated for the work they do on a daily basis. Many states have above an average federal minimum wage requirement and you might not be aware of this.

Tip Sharing and Pooling

Any veteran restaurant server, bartender or bus person knows that tips don’t always go directly from the customer to their pocket. It’s normal to share gratuities with other people in the restaurant who helped during a shift – a bartender, busboy or hostess. There are two ways that this happens, through tip sharing and tip pooling.

Your Final Paycheck

Federal and state laws on final paychecks protect employees—whether they are fired or resign from a position. Restaurant or companies that either withhold paychecks or do not pay former employees in a timely manner should be held accountable.

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